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How to hard reset cell c fantasy to unlock password or pattern. (Solved)

How to unlock cell c fantasy by hard reset, I want to bypass password
asked in Cell c by SuperExpert (538,170 points)

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how to hard reset cell c fantasy

hi. the cell c fantasy is an android device manufactured by the cell c network company. except for apple phones but any other smartphones you can hard reset them if ever you forgot you screen lock, it can be a pattern,password or pin, if you hard reset you phone it will reset the lock to default. same applies to the cell c fantasy android smartphone,if you forgot the password, pattern or pin of your cell c fantasy you can just hard rest the phone and the lock screen will reset to "swipe" lock screen which requires no password, pattern or pin to unlock in, you just swipe your finger across the screen and it will unlock.

remember that if you hard reset you cell c fantasy you will lose all the data stored on the internal storage of the phone, the installed applications, music, videos, documents and any other files that you have stored on the device storage will be deleted. it is not very possible to backup your data if you have been locked out of your phone and you cant remember how to unlock it. so far there  any other way to remove an unknown lock without deleting the user data on the phone.

hard reset instructions.

  1. first of all you need to shutdown the phone by pressing the power button until the power menu pops up then you tap power off option and tap ok.
  2. now press and hold the power button+volume up button. but remember you must first press the power button for one second then without releasing the power button press and hold the volume up button. this will take you to the colorful spreadtrum factory test mode.
  3. tap the next button on the screen and tap "restore factory"
  4. your phone will reboot and the lock will be gone.
  5. done. 

answered by SuperExpert (538,170 points)