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How to hard reset gtel x6 and gtel x6 plus. (Solved)

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How to hard reset gtel x6 and x6 plus.

hi. For instructions on how to hard reset your gtel x6 and gtel x6 plus please follow carefully the instructions given below.


  1. Please turn off the gtel phone, for for the phone to completely shutdown.
  2. Press and hold the power button plus the volume down button for about ten seconds.  When the phone start to turn the screen on, release only the power button. This combination of power button + volume down button will make your phone to boot to recovery mode of the phone. If power button + volume down does not do, use power button + volume up button. Release the volume button once you see the recovery menu.
  3. Now use the volume button to scroll down to the option “wipe data/factory reset” And use the power button to enter the option.
  4. On the next screen scroll down using the volume down button and select “yes” with the power button.
  5. Select “reboot system now”.
  6. The phone wil reboot.
  7. Done hard resetting your gtel x6 and x6 plus
answered by SuperExpert (537,230 points)

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