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How to bypass or unlock google frp account on mobicel r8

With cellphones like this one you will have to proof ownership after hard resetting by entering the previous google login details used on the device be the reset. Below are the bypass instructions incase you have forgotten the login details.
asked in Mobicel by Sabrinah (24,510 points)

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  1. Download the reset tool here
  2. Download the vcom drivers here
  3. Download the SP FLASH TOOL here


  1. Computer
  2. USB data cable
  3. The Mobicel r8


  1. Extract all the downloaded zip files
  2. Install the vcom drivers on your computer, follow the instructions given om the link where you downloaded the drivers.
  3. Open the SP FLASH TOOL folder and click on the scatter_loading button.
  4. Navigate to the extracted reset tool and double click the scatter file (mt######).
  5. Now click format on the top left of the flash tool
  6. Select manual format.
  7. Open the google acc reset tool and open the instruction file.
  8. Copy the given codes and paste them on the SP FLASH TOOL.
  9. Click the blue play button and connect your phone to the computer using the USB data cable.
answered by SuperExpert (538,170 points)