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How to flash mobicel R2. (Solved)

Please help me with mobicel R2 firmware and flashing instructions
asked in Mobicel by Sabrinah (24,510 points)

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Hi. The following instructions will guide you on how to flash your mobice r2using the sp flash tool since is still the most common flashing tool for all the mtk phones.

Tools you will need

  1. You will to have a computer. The sp flash tool can only run on a computer
  2. You will need a usb data cable. The usb data cable is needed to connect the phone to the computer during flashing.
  3. The phone you wish to flash.

Download these files.

  1. Mobicel r2 firmware.
  2. SP Flash Tool here.
  3. Vcom drivers. If you are using windows 10 please skip this step.


1. Extract all the downloaded files out of the zip folder into normal folder.

2. Follow the video instructions given here on how to install the vcom driver ( skip this part if you are using windows 10)

3. Now open the sp flash tool extracted folder and run the file named “flash_tool” to launch the sp flash tool.

4. Tap the scatter file button and a small window will pop up, use the window to navigate to the extracted firmware folder and double click the scatter file (mt#####). Wait for the scatter file to load the whole firmware.


6.  Make sure your phone is completely off. Click the download button and connect your phone to the computer with the usb data cable.

7. The flash tool will load a red bar followed by a yellow bar. After the yellow bar a green tic will pop up.

8. Now you can disconnect your phone and switch it on.

9. Done.

answered by SuperExpert (537,230 points)

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