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Mobicel tango not charging

My mobicel tango is not charging
asked in Mobicel by Sabrinah (24,510 points)

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Hi. The charging problem is very common when it comes to mobicel phone , we have received a lot of mobicel tables with charging problems in our repair shop. I’m going to list all the possible causes of the Mobicel cherry to stop charging.

  1. Usb charging port. Replace the charging port with a new one and try to charge it an see if it is ok, if it is no then you can try the next step.
  2. Battery needs boosting. Sometimes when the battery is very low we jus boost it and the phone  start charging normally. Remove the battery from the motherboard and boost it out of the motherboard, you can use a universal charger.
  3. Battery needs replacement. Replace the battery with a new battery and charge your phone, a faulty battery will never charge
  4. The charger is very weak. A weak charger cannot charge a complete empty battery.
  5. Charger is faulty. Try another charger that you know it is ok.
answered by SuperExpert (538,170 points)